JEA Broke Ground on a New WRF and 4Waters was Part of the Design Team

Team members from JEA, Jacobs, and Haskell hold shovels as part of the groundbreaking ceremony

 JEA broke ground Thursday on a new facility that will use treated wastewater from 22,800 JEA sewer customers to provide irrigation water to 5,700 customers. The Greenland Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) is JEA's first new Water Reclamation Facility built since 1977, and will support economic growth on Jacksonville's Southside.

The project is a progressive design build project led by contractor Haskell and engineer Jacobs Americas South. 4Waters is part of the Jacobs team, and is Engineer of Record responsible for providing the design, permitting, and construction administration of the access road and associated pipelines to serve the WRF project and to continue JEA’s planned pipelines through the site. Construction on the access road and underground pipe and electric infrastructure began last year and contractors started clearing the area in fall 2021.

Jacobs Senior Vice President and General Manager Americas South Katus Watson said the Greenland WRF is designed to be the regional control and operations hub for JEA’s water reclamation system.

The facility is being built with water sustainability and climate resilience in mind, Watson said.

“The discharge from this plant will be 100% reused as reclaimed water for irrigation purposes which will reduce the demand on the drinking water aquifer thereby making our water supply more sustainable.” 

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