Four Waters Engineering is JSEB Certified!

Jacksonville, FL

We are proud to announce that Four Waters Engineering has been certified as a Jacksonville Small and Emerging Business Enterprise (JSEB) by the City of Jacksonville. The JSEB program is dedicated to "Enriching Small Business Growth Through Knowledge, Partnership, Education and Opportunity." Their mission is to maximize procurement opportunities with City of Jacksonville registered certified Jacksonville Small and Emerging Businesses (JSEBs) as suppliers, prime contractors, and subcontractors of superior products and services to the citizenry of Duval County. They encourage the private sector and local government to aggressively engage with JSEB’s to develop productive business relationships leading to economic growth for the City.

We are proud to be a part of this important program and we appreciate the JSEB team's assistance throughout the certification process. Four Waters is certified for the following work types:

918 Consulting Services, specifically:coj seal.png
-42 Engineering Consulting

925 Engineering Services, Professional, specifically:
-17 Civil Engineering
-28 Drainage Engineering
-33 Engineer Services, Professional
-35 Environmental Engineering-36 Engineering Services (not otherwise classified)
-55 Inspecting, General/Engineering
-58 Irrigation; Drainage; Flood Control/Engineering
-61 Land Development and Planning/Engineering
-70 Municipal Engineering
-87 Sewage Collection, Treatment, and disposal/Engineering
-96 Waste Water Treatment Engineering
-97 Water Supply, Treatment, and Distribution/Engineering

For more information on the JSEB program, visit If you are interested in in teaming with Four Waters Engineering, contact us at